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V&P Scientific develops many tools to integrate on Beckman Liquid Handlers to further expand your capabilities.

We are able to take advantage of the ALP for many of our accessories.

Magnetic Stirrers and Mixers for Beckman Liquid Handlers

Sometimes, Z-Height can be an issue with liquid handlers. Luckily, V&P makes a full line of different ALP replacements to accommodate tall tubes, microplates or other accessories that can be used on your Beckman Liquid Handler. We can also customize the height of any ALP to fit your needs. 

Easy To Mount:

Our stirrers can be mounted on top or underneath the ALP stands. 

Easy To Integrate:

Our patented tumble stirrers are easily integrated with your Beckman Liquid Handler. They can be controlled manually, or computer controlled with your liquid handler software. 

Powerful Stirring Capabilities:

V&P's Magnetic Stirrers can be mounted under the ALP to stir containers such as reservoirs, tubes, vials, microplates...


Stirring Bubble Paddles Cells Beads

Bubble Paddle reservoirs are used to keep particulates such as beads and cells in suspension. We make reservoirs for 8-channel, 12-channel, 96-channel, and 384-channel pipettors. We make them in materials such as PTFE, Delrin, Polypropylene, and Aluminum. If we don't have a reservoir specific to your application, we can customize the reservoir to your needs.


For any information on integrating a stirring system, please contact V&P.

Pin Tools for Beckman Liquid Handlers

384 format Pin tool mounted on a 96 pipetting head using Beckman's magnetic mount. WIth this mount, you can pick up and drop off the pin tool easily and quickly. This allows you to use your pipetting head for other uses when the Pin Tool  is docked.

Integrating a Pin Tool on your Beckman Biomek NX, Biomek FX, Biomek i5, and Biomek i7. With Beckman's magnetic mounting head, you can attach V&P Pin Tools to expand your liquid handler capabilites. There are endless applications with Pin Tools such as:

-Screening Compound Libraries

-Serial Dilutions

-Transfer and Replicate Cultures or DNA Libraries

-Arrays on membranes or glass slides

-Spotting on agar and pick colonies

Pin tool docked on a docking station when it's not in use. When the Pin Tool is ready to be used, the pipetting head can easily pick it up.

V&P Pin Tool On Beckman Nx Video

For any information on integrating a stirring system, please contact V&P.

Magnetic Bead Separation Devices for Beckman Liquid Handlers