There has been an increasing amount of customers purchasing our stirrers and stir bars for mixing E-Juice. E-Juice consists of a few simple ingredients which include, Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine and Flavoring. Vegetable glycerin, which serves as the base of E-Liquid, has a viscosity of 1412cp. For perspective, water has a viscosity of 1cp, while honey has viscosity of 10,000cp. Magnetic mixing is an effective and efficient way to mix E-Liquid, which results in faster steeping times and less work.


Standard stir plates are not magnetically strong enough to mix such a viscous liquid in larger quantities. There are many YouTube videos demonstrating magnetic mixing with homemade stirrers and/or standard stir plates. However, these smaller stir plates only work for small volumes. Our customers are not making E-Liquid for themselves, rather are producing large quantities and batches to sell.


V&P Scientific collaborated with San Diego based Vape Corner. Vape Corner is locally owned and has two locations in San Diego. As their business has grown, owner Gino Sugapong has researched other methods of mixing his E-Liquid. Currently they have been mixing their E-Liquid by hand. This yields a rather physical task and a 4 week steeping time.


Because the ingredients in the E-Liquid have different viscosities, they separate from each other during the initial week of “steeping”. It’s important that each batch is mixed every day so that the entire mixture is homogenous. We aimed to compare stirring magnetically vs stirring manually - shaking by hand .

We mixed 3 – one gallon batches of the same E-Liquid. Each bottle contains: Propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerine, flavoring, nicotine

Bottle 1.            Control: Shaking by Hand, once a day for a week

Bottle 2.            Magnetic mixing for 30 min, once a day for a week - 210 minutes of mixing total in a week

Bottle 3.            Magnetic mixing 24hrs every day for a week - 10,080 minutes in a week

We used the following V&P Products:

VP 710C5 - Stir Base

VP 772M-N52-27-111-PTFE - Stir Paddle


We know that it takes up to 4 weeks for the E-Liquid to steep if shaken by hand. Our expectations were that Sample 3 - magnetic mixing 24/7-  would yield the best results in regards to taste and decreased steeping time.

Day 1

Bottle 1: Hand mixed for 30 min

Bottle 2: Mixed magnetically with paddle for 30 min.

Bottle 3: Mixed magnetically with paddle 24 hrs.

Notes: After 15 min. of mixing, Bottles 2 and 3,  fully emulsified. Visually, a milky color due to the introduction of air during mixing. See Photo below:

From left to right, Bottle 1, 2, 3 after 30min

Day 3



Bottle 1: Bottle is slightly lighter than the rest.

Bottle 2: Looks similar to bottle 3

Bottle 3: Still being mixed, looks similar to bottle 2

Notes: It appears that bottles 2 & 3 are slightly darker in color than bottle 1.


 See Photo Below:

From left to right, Bottle 1, 2, 3 after 72hrs


Day 4-7

Nothing changed visually from day 3. We could arguably see there was a slight difference in color. Both bottle 2 and 3, the magnetically stirred bottles were darker. The difference was slight and could be light reflections. At day 7, we took samples from each bottle and issued a blind taste test to the employees at Vape Corner.



Bottle 1 - Hand Shake- : Flavor has not yet steeped. Still needs more time to steep.

Bottle 2 - Magnetically Stirred for 30min/day for 7 days- : Steeping time was indistinguishable to a properly steeped batch. Flavor was  optimal.

Bottle 3 - Magnetically Stirred 24/7 for 7 days- : Flavor was less than that of the other two bottles. However, the noticeable difference was that the Vape of this bottle was smoother the other two.



Surprisingly enough, bottle 2 was the best outcome. We were able to achieve an appropriate steeping in one week by mixing the E-Liquid 30min/day for 7days. The benefit of this is that you won’t have to plan so far in advance for your stock of E-Liquid. This is especially true of stores, like Vape Corner, that carry a large variety of flavors. You can stock a fixed amount of any flavor, and if that begins to sell out quickly, you can make more in 1 week. This is a better scenario than having to plan 4 weeks in advance and having to tell customers you’re out of stock of their favorite flavor.

Consequently, bottle 3 - magnetically stirred 24/7-  was smoother to inhale, though the flavor was decreasing. It is interesting to find that the increased stirring would diminish the flavor. If a smoother vape is preferable, it’s quite easy to adjust the recipe with more flavoring to compensate for the effect of the magnetic stirrer.


Alternatively perhaps we should have magnetically mixed for 210 minutes to achieve the optimal flavor and done the taste test at this time point.  This would have significantly reduced the time to make a new batch.

Using the VP 710C5 and the VP 772M-N52-27-111-PTFE, you can mix multiple bottles at the same time. Using our Patented Stirring Technology, you can quickly and easily mix viscous solutions such as E-Liquid. We were able to subjectively identify improved taste and quality of the E-Liquid with magnetic mixing versus mixing by hand.  

Click here for videos of magnetic stirrers mixing e-liquid.