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Here are the main Terms & Conditions for V&P Scientific, Inc.

Pricing & Terms:

Current pricing is available by calling (800)455-0644(toll free), or (858)455-0643; via fax at (858)455-0703, or e-mail at sales@vp-scientific.com. Domestic purchases are subject to a minimum $15.00 handling fee. International purchases require payment of a $25.00 handling fee.

We Accept All Major Credit Cards



Minimum Orders:

Only orders with a $50.00/USD minimum will be accepted. 


Domestic Orders:

Payment terms of Net 30 days will be accepted for domestic organizations with established credit. To establish credit, please provide a credit reference sheet to include a minimum of three business references. If you have not yet established credit, we do accept credit card or prepayment as payment options.

Shipments are FOB San Diego; shipping charges are prepaid and added to the invoice. Shipments are sent UPS unless otherwise requested. Federal Express or other carriers are available but require payment of additional handling fees.

Business Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm PDT


International Orders:

Orders are shipped direct to our overseas customers. Prepayment in US Dollars is required for International orders. Please FAX or email the items you would like: shipping/handling charges (UPS Expedited) will be calculated and provided on a Proforma Invoice for your prepayment. Payment is accepted by credit card, by sending us a check in US dollars, or by wiring the money directly to our bank. Please contact us for bank details. Payments made by wire transfer are subject to an additional $25.00 fee. Foreign credit card payments are subject to a 2.5% International Credit Card Assessment fee calculated on the total amount of your order. For any international credit card payments, a credit card authorization form is required. Please fill this out and fax it to us at (858)455-0703.

Shipments are sent UPS Expedited unless otherwise requested and generally arrive within 5 working days. All shipments are FOB San Diego, CA. Shipments can be sent collect using your preferred carrier account number however handling fees still apply.


Submitting an Order:

V&P Scientific Order Form

You can e-mail or fax your Purchase Order or fill out our order form to place an order. You will receive a confirmation once your order has been processed. If your order is e-mailed, please do not include any credit card information. Please call in to submit your payment information.

Email to: orders@vp-scientific.com

Fax to: (858)455-0703

Application for Credit/Net Terms:

We offer credit/net terms to US and Canadian customers. Click here to apply!

V&P Credit Application


Equipment guaranteed against defects of manufacture for a period of one year.

Do not attempt to disassemble, modify, or open any product without the approval of V&P Scientific, Inc. Evidence of any attempts to open and/or modify our product(s), including but not limited to, peeling, puncturing, or removal of any labels will void V&P Scientific, Inc. warranty.

Pins for pin tools and replicators

At the time of shipment to you, we certify that the pins have been validated to the standards of the V&P Scientific Inc. Quality Control Department.  Validation includes thorough cleaning, testing using a FITC assay with the resulting CV listed on an attached Pin Validation Test Results sheet, and a visual inspection.  V&P also certifies that the pins are in new and pristine condition at the time of shipment.


If pins are returned due to poor performance resulting from action by the customer, such as improper or inadequate cleaning, physical damage or other misuse, a charge for pin cleaning and/or replacement will be necessary.


No returns on custom items. No returns on products that have been in contact with lab reagents (products such as wands, manifolds, reservoirs, pin tools, etc.).

There is a 25% restocking charge for returns due to customer ordering error.

We try to make sure you have ordered the correct product from the beginning. So, if you realize, within a reasonable period of time, that you have ordered the wrong item, we will take it back. But in order to process the return and prepare the product for re-sale we have to charge a fee.

Returns are not accepted without a written authorization. Please contact us for return instructions by phone (858-455-0643) or email (sales@vp-scientific.com).

We would like to have an open return policy, but this is not practical given the nature of the work done by our customers. If the product has been used with hazardous materials (radioactive, biological, chemical) we cannot take it back. If the product has been used with a material that renders it useless or unsellable (such as a dye or material that leaves a visible residue), we cannot take it back. Unfortunately, in most cases this is what will happen to products once they have been used in a research setting.

As long as the product is used as it was designed to be used, then we will make every attempt to make sure that it is functioning for that purpose. Our products are under warranty for materials and workmanship for one year after purchase.


All products are intended to be used for research purposes only. V&P Scientific will not be liable for use of this product for other than its intended purpose.

They are not to be used for diagnostic purposes.

Product Changes

We reserve the right to change specifications of our products at any time without notice.

Rush Orders:

Most V&P products have a general lead time specific to that product. If we have that product in stock, we can process and ship your order next day. If the item is backordered or requires assembly, our sales reps can discuss realistic lead times to receive your order. If you need any products more quickly, there will be a rush fee added to your order. Please note that rush fees will depend on the product and how fast you need to receive your order.

Custom Product Guidelines:

V&P Scientific, Inc. goes to great effort to provide quality custom products that perform the task they were requested to do. A happy satisfied customer is our goal.

Occasionally in the past we have encountered clients who change the requirements of the task or the rules of performance or the work environment after we have delivered the custom device. Because of these past “Moved Goal Posts” experiences we request that our custom clients disclose in detail exactly what their requirement expectations are and the work environment prior to our submitting a quote on custom products. That way both the customer and V&P Scientific, Inc. will know “The Rules of the Game” and neither side will have a disappointing experience.

Please describe the purpose of your custom device in detail.

Please describe the requirements of the task to be performed.

Please describe the rules of performance (i.e. speed of action, % bound, volume delivered, accuracy etc.).

Please describe the surrounding environment that may affect the performance of our custom device (temperature, sensitive to magnetic material, close to magnetic material, robot deck, sensitive to vibration, etc.).

Shipping Damage:

All of our domestic and international shipments are insured for the price of the products. If you receive damaged products from us, you must report it to the shipping company and V&P within 48 hours to receive reimbursement. 

For UPS damage claims call:

domestic (800) 742-5877, foreign (800) 782-7892

For Fedex damage claims call:
domestic:(800)463-3339, foreign (866) 477-7532

For V&P Scientific call:
domestic (800) 455-0644, foreign (858) 455-0643

Please save the damaged shipping boxes for the shipping company's insurance officer to inspect and when appropriate, document damage with photographs


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