VP 750AL- Aluminum Suspension Reservoir for 96 Channel Pipettes, Hydrophilic Coated, 4 Bubble Paddles, Sculpted Bottom, Max Capacity 270 ml, SLAS Footprint, Heat Exchange Fins on Bottom, Sculpted Paddle Depressions

Aluminum Bubble Paddle Reservoir For 96 Pipettes - Includes 4 VP 757AFe-2 Bubble Paddles. Reservoir Has SBS Dimensions And A Peltier Adaptor Feature On The Bottom

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Aluminum Bubble Paddle Reservoir For 96 Pipettes - Includes 4 VP 757AFe-2 Bubble Paddles. Reservoir Has SBS Dimensions And A Peltier Adaptor Feature On The Bottom
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Format 96
Max Capacity 270 ml

Particulate Tumble Stirrer Suspension Systems in Reservoirs 

Many Choices

V&P has developed over 30 different reservoir suspension systems for pipetting uniformly suspended beads, cells, particles and resins into microplates of nearly every description.  We have refined, perfected and consolidated that list down to the best 22.  These reservoir suspension systems are powered by one of our 15 different Vertical Tumble Stirrers.

Uniformity of Suspension and Small Dead Volumes is Important

Keeping magnetic beads, assay beads, SPA beads, glass beads, resins other particulates and cells in homogeneous suspension while they are being pipetted to microplate wells is very important if reproducible results are to be obtained. It is also important to do this with the smallest dead volume possible when the reagents are very expensive. Although one might think you cannot use magnets to stir and suspend magnetic beads, V&P has found a way to uniformly suspend magnetic beads with our parylene coated suspension systems and Magnetic Vertical Tumble Stirrers.

The unique V&P Scientific Bubble Paddle Reservoir suspension systems (US Patent #6,461,034 & European Union Patent #1,314,471) provide a very simple and inexpensive way of accomplishing this goal. Whether you are using a 4, 8, 16, 24, 96 or 384 pipetting head, there is a suspension reservoir with a bubble spacing that allows a pipet tip to be inserted in the gap between bubbles. The unique contours machined into the reservoir coupled with the contours of the Bubble Paddle design results in very vigorous stirring and homogeneous suspension of the particulate contents in the reservoir. The unique feature of the Bubble Paddle Reservoirs is their exclusive design that eliminates "fall out zones" where particulates fall out of solution that are so prevalent with other mixing reservoirs. Also if dead volume is not an issue in your assay you can use our economical VP 756B-4PPP suspension reservoir powered by a VP 710D3 Tumble Stirrer in conjunction with a 4, 8, or 16 pipet head for a low cost reservoir suspension system.


Match the Particulate and Application to the Appropriate Suspension Reservoir System:

There are many characteristics of your material that will affect where and how they are suspended:

• Size of the material – is it larger than the paddle/reservoir contour gap

• Density of the material

• Fragility of the material

• Speed at which it can be stirred without breakage

• Temperature sensitivity of the material

• Light sensitivity of the material

• Does the reservoir need to be continuously fed?

 All of the above features are very important; choose your suspension system wisely before you launch a new assay protocol. We have dealt with it all in the last 16 years. With our large selection of Suspension Reservoirs Systems, we can help you make the best decision for your application.  We are happy to share our knowledge with you.


Keeping Magnetic Beads in Suspension with Magnetism:

We discovered that by using parylene coated bubble paddles with Vertical Tumble Stirrers, we could easily keep magnetic beads in uniform suspension and the magnetic beads would not remain attracted to the parylene coated bubble paddles, or stay on the bottom of the reservoir once the paddles begin to move.  This greatly expands the number of systems possible for a magnetic bead application, furthermore, it simplifies and reduces the cost of the magnetic bead suspension systems:

 If economy and uniformity of suspension is important to you, we have solutions for you.

Advantages of V&P Scientific’s Tumble Stirrer Suspension Reservoir Systems

 V&P’s patented contours in the bottom of the reservoir which match the contours of the Bubble Paddles produce a vigorous upwelling current in the reservoirs to keep particulates in uniform suspension.

• The Bubble Paddles are contoured so pipet tips will fit in the gaps between the bubbles and not interfere with spinning bubble paddles

• V&P’s patented contours in the bottom design also eliminate “fall out zones” where particulates settle out in other mixing reservoirs

• Designed to fit on robot deck features to facilitate precise x and y matching to the robots pipetting system

• Designed to be taken off the deck and replaced in the exact same position.

• Greatest variety of Suspension Reservoirs Systems for 1, 4, 8, 12, 16, 24, 96, and 384 pipettors

• Multiple versions of Suspension Reservoirs Systems for different volumes and applications

• Available in chemical resistant materials (PTFE, Delrin, Polypropylene)

• Available in light blocking materials (Black Delrin, Aluminum)

• Available in autoclavable or chemically sterilizable materials

• Available in Aluminum versions for heating or chilling the contents of the reservoir

• Low dead volume designs to conserve expensive reagents

• Available in Hydrophilic coatings to reduce dead volume loss, prevents droplet formation and reduces air bubble formation in crevices.

• Available in versions to suspend particulates in multiple unique reservoirs simultaneously

• Capable of continuous refilling for long run times

• Capable of mixing even solutions as viscous as honey (15,000 centistokes)

• Custom Suspension Reservoir Systems not a problem

• Our specialty is Flexibility



Here is what one of our customers at a major Pharmaceutical company had to say about our 384 Bubble Paddle Reservoir system:  "The reservoir is really the best thing that I have found for YSi SPA beads which immediately fall out of solution when not mixed. The bubble paddle is essential for YSi beads." 



The Vertical Tumble Stirrers that power our Suspension Reservoir Systems can be found on this page

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Published Articles

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V&P Scientific's Patented Suspension Reservoir System Applications

Keep any particulate in homogeneous suspension for pipetting of equal particle quantities into microplates or vials.  There's an endless amount of possible applications.

Stir and suspend any particulate in any solution.

• Beads

• Magnetic Beads

• Glass Beads (YSi Beads)

• Gold Beads

• Nano Beads

• Cellulose Nanobeads

• Sepharose Beads

• Agarose Beads

• Latex Beads

• Resins

• Polymeric Microbeads

• Mammalian cells

• Bacterial cells

• Fungal cells

• Viruses

• Quantum-dot nanocrystals

Our Suspension Reservoir Systems accommodate many pipetting robots and can also be used on the bench top with manual single, 8 and 12 channel pipets.

Robotic Pipetting systems with x pipets:

• 1

• 4

• 8

• 12

• 16

• 24

• 96

• 384

Our specialized Suspension Reservoir Systems can be used in a variety of different environments, and with unique liquids.

• Sterile liquids

• Heated liquids

• Cooled liquids

• Light sensitive reagents

• Organic solvents

• Viscous liquids

• Fragile particulates


See this page for reference articles on applications 


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