VP 530D-PTFE-2 PTFE Reservoir with 96 Dimples for 96 Pipettors, Thin Walls to Accommodate Liquid Level Sensor, Capacity 170 ml, with Drain Outlet, SLAS Footprint

Reagent Reservoir, PTFE, 96 dimples. One wall thin enough for use with VP 601 Liquid Level Sensor System. Threaded PTFE hose barb as a drain outlet, SLAS footprint

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Reagent Reservoir, PTFE, 96 dimples for low dead volume. Thin walls on two sides (one short and one long side) for use with VP 601 Liquid Level Sensor System, capacity 170 ml, SBS/SLAS footprint, 48mm tall. Threaded PTFE hose barb, positioned as a drain outlet on thick, short side.
Additional Info
Materials - Attributes PTFE
Max Capacity 170 ml
Format 96
Special Features Includes fitting ports
Well Bottom Shape Dimple

Reagent Reservoir with 96 Dimpled Depressions, 1 Outlet Hose Barb, Thicker Walls to Prevent Reagents From Puddling, One Wall Thin to Accommodate the VP 601 Liquid Level Sensor System, PTFE, SLAS Footprint, 127.76mm Length x 85.48mm Width x 48mm Height

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