VP 710C5-7A- Vertical Tumble Stirrer, Accommodates 2 Stacks of Microplates (4 Plates high), Plate Handler accessible, with RPM Meter, 110 Volts

Rotary Magnetic Tumble Stirrer, Servo Motor powered for high speed and high torque, low profile 16.5cm long usable stirring deck, with plate holder, stirs 2 deep well microplates or 6 standard microplates (stacked), space for gripper access between plates, RPM readout on control unit LCD, 115/230 Volts, 60/50 Hz, CE compliant
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Rotary Magnetic Tumble Stirrer, Servo Motor powered for high speed and high torque, low profile 16.5cm long usable stirring deck, with plate holder, stirs 2 deep well microplates or 6 standard microplates (stacked), space for gripper access between plates, RPM readout on control unit LCD, 115/230 Volts, 60/50 Hz, CE compliant
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Motor Coupling Type No
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Mode of Use No
MGO - Attribute No
RPM (Min) No
Power Supply No
RPM (Max) No
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Stirrer Categories Stirring Systems
Magnetic Cylinder Length No
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Container To Be Used Bottles, Microplates, Tubes, Vials

Alligator Vertical Tumble Stirrers

The Alligator Magnetic Tumble Stirrer uses patented stir-cylinder technology to mix large numbers of samples in tubes, vials, bottles, and microplates (USA Patent #6,176,609).  Instead of spinning a magnetic stir bar about the horizontal plane like the standard magnetic flask stirrer, the Alligator Tumble Stirrer causes stir elements of all sizes and shapes to tumble vertically end-over-end inside each well see photo #16.  The Alligator Tumble Stirrer will stir all types of microplates of any volume or format  It will also stir V and U bottom microplates see photo #3, PCR plates, micro-centrifuge tubes see photo #13, and test tubes see photo #5, bottles see photo #14syringes see photo #7 and special designed troughs and reservoirs. see photo #6.  Perhaps the best way to appreciate the how the Allligator Tumble Stirrers function is to see all the videos above this section.

Convert an Alligator Vertical Tumble Stirrer to a Lateral Tumble Stirrer 


Simply stand the Alligator Vertical Tumble Stirrer on it's end (see photo #12) using a simple accessory to hold it in place, see photo #13 and to also hold the vessels to be stirred.  Now the stir elements spin laterally in the vessels instead of vertcally. We also other accessories for holding bottles shown in photo #14 .


Advantages of the Vertical Tumble Stirring System

  1. Can stir in any vessel regardless of the shape
  2. High–Throughput Stirring in Microplates
  3. Complete stirring of large numbers of samples
  4. Can stir and heat at the same time
  5. Can run multiple experiments in parallel
  6. Get more reactions per gram of starting material
  7. Will stir even viscous solutions (honey & glycerol)
  8. No cross contamination – wells do not have to be sealed
  9. Simple to operate, full speed control
  10. Customizable to robotic systems
  11. Flexibility of stir deck alignment
  12. Durable – Can stir continuously for years without maintenance
  13. Convertable to a Lateral Tumble Stirrer

Using the most powerful permanent magnets manufactured, we make many different models of Tumble Stirrers to fit the many varied applications and requirements of our customers. Requirements for heating and continuous stirring for a long period of time require special Tumble Stirrers that are resistant to heat and with motors capable of working under high loads for extended periods of time. We make our VP 710C5-7A heat resistant using a Mica deck shown in photo #8.  The Mica deck will accomdate one our V& P heat blocks operating at 200C see photo #9. and photo #10.    Please check with our knowledgeable staff to help you make the appropriate selection for your application. Our specialty is flexibility- let us know if you have a custom application today!

Click here for a list of published articles that cite using the products on this page.

Photo #7 illustrates a novel way to use our Tumble Stirrers to keep the contents of a syringe suspended while injecting the contents. Whether it is cells or micro-bubbles here is a novel way to keep them in suspension.  


Follow this link for more information about stirring in syringes.


Follow this link to see a video of stirring in a syringe.

We offer a large assortment of magnetic Stainless Steel Stir Elements from Stir StiXs to Discs to bars and dowels to fit into any well, vial, tube or syringe see photo #16.  Check out the Stir Element pagefor more information on coatings and dimensions.

We also sell Alnico and Rare Earth Magnetic Stir Bars.

Tumble Stirring Viscous Solutions

The ability to stir extremely viscous solutions, slurries and emulsions is a very useful characteristic of the V&P Alligator Tumble Stirrers.  Photo #15 illustrates the ability of our Tumble Stirrers and Stir Elements to mix even solutions of 100,000 centistokes or 6.6 times more viscous than honey.   The following experiments were performed with VP 710S and VP 710E Alligator Tumble Stirrers and all our stir elements at two different heights.  The first was at 1.2" off the stir deck or at a position of 3 stacked microplates.  The other position was right on the stir deck.  A series of silicone viscosity standards was placed in the columns of a microplate.  The standard series viscosity was as follows: 100 cks, 1,000 cks, 5,000 cks, 10,000 cks, 12,500 cks, 30,000 cks, 60,000 cst and 100,000 cks.


For comparison 1 centistoke = 1.0760 x 10E-5 sq. ft./sec., 
water = 1 cks
molasses ~ 2,500 cks
honey ~ 15,000 cks 

For more extensive tables on the viscosity of common compounds and an explanation of the difference between centistokes and centipoises follow this link.

When stirring very viscous materials we also offer Alnico and Rare Earth Magnet Stir Bars.

VP 710C5-7A

The VP 710C5-7A Tumble Stirrer is a "more robot friendly" version of the VP 710C5. In order for robotic grippers to have easy access to microplates being stirred, the microplate holder on the VP 710C5-7A has separated chamfered inside edges that make it easier for a robotic gripper to access the microplates. See photo #1 and photo #2. In addition to that the VP 710C5-7 has a longer magnetic cylinder (7 inches vs. 6 inches for the VP 710C5).

The VP 710C5-7A utilizes a powerful servo motor that provides heavy load and/or long term stirring. Due to greater durability and torque, it can stir continuously 24/7/365.  Another useful feature of the VP 710C5-7A is the RPM meter built into the control box which allows the operator to precisely determine the speed of the mixing and enables reproducible results between different mixing runs see photo #11.

Similar to the VP 710C5, standard microplates with aqueous solutions can be stacked 6 high (76 mm) in the landscape position on this Stirrer so that up to 12 standard plates or 4 deep well microplates can be stirred at the same time. In the portrait position, standard plates can be stacked 8 high (127 mm) or 3 high with deep well plates. Stirrer dimensions are 43 cm length x 8.9 cm width x 7 cm height with a stirred area of 17.8 cm long and 11 cm wide.

The housing of the Stirrer is made of flame retardant ABS 510 plastic and will tolerate temperatures up to 80 C. The VP 710C5-7A Tumble Stirrer is also available in the CE compliant version VP 710C5-7ACE.


The following is the body of an e-mail sent to us by a very satisfied Tumble Stirring customer.


"Patty and Patrick-


There is a long, official process (read: involves Legal department) for allowing endorsements of products with _______'s and/or my name. However, I would be happy to share my personal feedback to you.  If you would like to refer this to anyone as unofficial information (ie, "It came from someone in Process R&D in major Pharma."), that would be great. At the least, you'll see exactly why I love these stirrers.


Feedback for the Tumble Stirrers is this: enabling technology. I am now enabled to create reaction blocks and customize them to robotic systems with great ease.  Why? The narrow deck height of the Tumble stirrers (even my larger strength units) combined with flexibility of alignment for the stirrers to the reaction vessels means I can use them almost anywhere.


The fact that I can use the same stirrer deck with any type/size of reactor simply by changing a mounting plate atop the stirrer deck gives me the kind of flexibility I require for parallel synthetic development of processes. That flexibility enables access to a wider range of projects (smaller scale) and a wider range of reaction conditions. I get more reactions per gram of starting material for evaluation of more diverse conditions, and I generate results faster because I run more of the experiments in parallel using the same amount of starting material. In one word, Tumble Stirring is enabling.


Oh, and the quality of agitation is fantastic for liquid-liquid mixes, slurries, or even oil suspensions.


Thanks again for this terrific product.


  • Rapid and efficient stirring of any format microplates, test tubes, vials and syringes See Video

  • Thorough mixing of 2 or more liquid solutions

  • Thorough mixing of slurries, viscous solutions and emulsions

  • Thorough mixing of immiscible liquids (Stir StiX)

  • Keep particulates in suspension (Insert Link to Bubble Paddles)

  • Resuspend chemical libraries after storage

  • Aeration of microbial cultures to increase DNA or protein yield

  • Miniaturization of fermentations & chemical reactions

  • Stirring chemical reactions to speed completion

  • Heat and Stir to facilitate compound synthesis

  • Enables parallel synthetic development of processes

  • Resuspend settled microorganisms

  • Keep microorganisms suspended during gridding operations

  • Break up filamentous organisms

  • Dissolve solid compounds

  • Resoluabilize dried extracts from large screening libraries

  • Mix and immobilize reactions that use magnetic beads

  • Computer control for use on automated liquid handling platforms (LINK to VP 710CC)

  • VP 710-CC software


None at this time