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Tumble Stirring Data

Tumble Stirring Viscous Solutions

The ability to stir extremely viscous solutions, slurries and emulsions is a very useful characteristic of the V&P Alligator
Tumble Stirrers. The following graphs illustrate the ability of our Tumble Stirrers and Stir Elements to mix even solutions
of 100,000 centistokes or 6.6 times more viscous than honey. The following experiments were performed with VP 710S
and VP 710E Alligator Tumble Stirrers and all our stir elements at two different heights.  The first was at 1.2" off the stir
deck or at position of 3 stacked microplates.  The other position was right on the stir deck.  A series of silicone viscosity
standards was placed in the columns of a microplate.  The standard series viscosity was as follows: 100 cks, 1,000 cks,
5,000 cks, 10,000 cks, 12,500 cks, 30,000 cks, 60,000 cst and 100,000 cks. 
For comparison 1 centistoke = 1.0760 x 10E-5 sq. ft./sec., 
water = 1 cks
molasses ~ 2,500 cks
honey ~ 15,000 cks 
For more extensive tables on the viscosity of common compounds and an explanation of the difference between centistokes
and centipoises follow this link.
The most powerful of all our Tumble Stirrers is the VP 710S.  It will tumble all the Stir Bar Elements in 100,000 cts when the
plate is setting directly on the deck.  The follow graph illustrates that it will even tumble most of them when the plate is elevated
1.2" or 30 mm above the stir deck.  This equal to stacking the plates 3 high. When stirring very viscous materials we also offer 
Alnico and Rare Earth Magnet Stir Bars.
VP 710S
More data on the ability of the VP 710S to tumble in viscous solutions.
Stir Bars and Dowels
Stir Discs
Stir Stix
VP 710E
Data on the ability of the VP 710E to tumble in viscous solutions.
Stir Bars and Dowels
Stir Discs
Stir Stix

Data using the VP 710S-2 and the VP 710C1 on how high microplates with different Stir Elements can be stacked

and still mix can be found at this link.

Follow this link for the magnetic field strength of the Tumble Stirrers and cautions for people with pacemakers.