VP 178D - 96 Angled Channel Aspiration Manifold on 9 mm centers and 11 mm long for Microplates and VP 381E

96 Slant Tube Aspirator designed so the guide pins fit into alignment holes on the angle ramp
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96 Slant Tube Aspirator designed so the guide pins fit into alignment holes on the angle ramp
Additional Info
Tube Gauge 19 gauge
Tube Length No
Bottle Top Dispenser Range No
Autoclavable No
Center-To-Center Spacing 9 mm
Materials - Attributes No
Format 96
Plate Type Standard Well
# of Channels 96 channel
Manifold Style Manifold Full Plate

The VP 178D slant tube aspirator is designed to work in conjunction with our magnetic separation system VP 771E and the VP 381E to completely aspirate the liquid contents of 96 well microplates and not remove any of the captured magnetic beads. This first of its kind aspiration system has the aspiration tubes installed on a slant so they can be placed in the center of the well while lowering the tubes in the microplate and then when the manifold reaches the bottom it is slid into the sides of the wells thus aspiration will completely remove the liquid with disturbing the magnetic bead pellet.

When the microplate is placed on the magnetic separation pegs, VP 771E, the magnetic beads are quickly pulled to the sides of the wells as illustrated. While most magnetic separation systems use an axial magnet field our magnetic field is oriented through the diameter of a very strong NdFeB magnetic cylinder. This orientation results in small very tightly packed clusters of magnetic beads on the well walls away from the bottom of the well. Magnetic capturing occurs in a very short time interval.

The magnetic separator and the microplate are placed on the VP 381E ramp registration to tip the contents in the wells and insure that the slated tubes will be oriented to the lowest point in each well. Note the magnetic separation system naturally slides down to the bottom of the ramp leaving a 3 mm gap at the top.

The guide pins on the slant tube aspiration manifold register to alignment holes on VP 381E registration ramp so the tip of the slant tubes is positioned in the middle of the well.

Once the Slant Tubes are near the bottom of the wells, the magnetic separator block and the microplate can be pushed up 3 mm with your thumb or finger. This places the tip of the slant tube in the corner of the lowest part of the well. This is the ideal aspiration location as it is away from the magnetically captured beads. When your finger is removed the magnetic separator and the microplate slide down to middle of the well and then the Slant Tube Aspirator can be safely removed.

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