VP 471 - Aluminum cooling block

VP 471

Aluminum Cooling Block and insulated housing

Some of our customers work with very small volumes of specimens (nucleic acids, proteins, etc.), so they are sensitive to changes in concentration of their specimen due to evaporation of the liquid in the microplate wells. To reduce the rate of evaporation, we have provided an Aluminum Cooling Block and Insulated Housing which keeps the microplates cool (VP 471). We have insulated the aluminum block so only the microplate is chilled. Furthermore, this insulated frame mates to the microplate indexers. So while you are spotting specimens onto the glass slides, the specimens remain chilled in the microplate, slowing the rate of evaporation. Simply refrigerate the Aluminum Cooling Block prior to use. Extra Aluminum Cooling Blocks may be purchased separately (VP 471A) so you can always have one of them cold.
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Product Name VP 471 - Aluminum cooling block

Aluminum Cooling Block and insulated housing

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