VP 474 - Replicator pin dryer

Replicator Pin Dryer
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Replicator Pin Dryer

A natural addition to the Wash and Blot Station is our new Pin Dryer. At the end of each cleaning cycle the isopropanol in the final wash reservoir must be evaporated and the pins dry before continuing to the next set of wells.

VP 474 Pin Dryer is the answer. The Pin Dryer has a built in on switch that is activated when a Replicator is placed in the cradle and automatically turns off when the Replicator is removed see photo #1. Its small foot print is easily accommodated inside the new VP 473 Humidity Chamber/ Hood. Another advantage of the Pin Dryer is that its minimal air flow does not overwhelm the humidifiers ability to maintain a humid environment. Yet another advantage is that drying the pins is now just a one hand job as opposed to two with the hair dryer see photo #2. Operates using 110 volts AC.

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