VP 475 - Manual glass slide Replicator wash and blot station

Glass Slide Arrayer Wash and Blot Station
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Glass Slide Arrayer Wash and Blot Station

The VP 475 Glass Slide Replicator Wash and Blot Station (Photo #1) is used to facilitate and speed the washing of the replicator pins between specimens. Any fluids can be used in the polypropylene reservoirs however for most nucleic acid applications we recommend

1) 5% bleach / water
2) distilled water
3) distilled water
4) 99% pure isopropanol.

Each of the 4 wash reservoirs has its own blotting station and the pins are blotted prior to submerging in the next reservoir see photo #2. Also the depth of fluid in each reservoir is slightly greater as you progress from left to right so that wash solution goes farther up the pin to insure a through washing operation see photo #3.

The blotting surface is a 5 cm wide and 31 cm long strip of lint free blotting paper (VP 522A) placed under the blotting jig. The VP 522A is placed over the foamed rubber pad in the blotting station and can be used numerous times before it has to be replaced.

We strongly recommend that you use a lint free blotting paper such as VP 522A to clean the replicator pins between spotting operations. The presence of lint on the pins will affect the spot size on the slide. We also recommend that you use the VP 110 Pin Cleaning Solution to periodically clean the Replicator pins.

Photo #4 illustrates a disassembled VP 475 and foam rubber pad under the VP 522A lint free blotting paper.

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