VP 540F-1 - Epoxy Composite G10 Baffles for VP 540-1 Thick Wall Reservoirs, 73.6 mm Wide x 23.7 mm Tall, Autoclavable

G10 Baffles for VP 540-1 reservoirs, 73.6mm wide, 22.7mm tall, set of 11
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G10 Baffles for VP 540-1 reservoirs, 73.6mm wide, 22.7mm tall, set of 11
Additional Info
Materials - Attributes Epoxy Composite
Max Capacity N/A
Coating/Encapsulation N/A
Format No
Special Features No
Wall Thickness N/A
Length N/A
Well Bottom Shape No

The VP 540-1 Reservoir is available for use with both 96 hole (VP 540A) and 384 hole (VP 540B1) blotting media supports. 96 hole lint free blotting media (VP 540AC) is positioned on top of the VP 540A support and the 384 hole lint free blotting media (VP 540BC) is positioned on top of the VP 540B1 support. We also offer a system of removable baffles (VP 540F-1 for the VP 540-1 reservoir) to reduce wave action in moving reservoirs. If your robot system moves the wash reservoir around during the washing cycle you will find this a very useful feature. The baffles are made from the autoclavable epoxy composite G10.

* If you are having difficulty using your VP 540AC paper when performing a wash and blot on the CyBio Robot click here for more information.

Most of our reservoirs are made from rugged polypropylene. Polypropylene is the first choice in resistance to organic solvents, acids and bases. For a complete table on chemical and solvent resistance click here.

The VP 540-1 is constructed of autoclaveable polypropylene to fit into the SBS standard foot print with dimensions of 127 mm long, 85 mm wide and 32 mm tall with a cavity 24 mm deep. The reservoir will hold 195 ml of wash fluid. For robot platforms that require a shorter reservoir we offer the VP 542 which has the same footprint as the VP 540-1 but is only 15 mm tall. This shorter version also has shorter baffles (VP 542F) strategically located to dampen wave action upon lateral movement. The blotting media supports (VP 540A and VP 540B1) will fit on both reservoirs and are constructed using the autoclaveable epoxy composite G10. The pin holes in the VP 540A supports are 6.39 mm in diameter and the holes in the VP 540B1 supports are 2.24 mm in diameter.

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