VP 542D - Polypropylene Reservoir with 384 Dimples for 384 Robotic Pipettors, Notched for VP 542F Anti-Splash Baffles, SLAS Footprint x 15 mm Tall, Autoclavable

VP 542 with 384 dimpled bottom and slots for 13 baffles
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VP 542 with 384 dimpled bottom and slots for 13 baffles
Additional Info
Materials - Attributes Polypropylene
Max Capacity N/A
Coating/Encapsulation N/A
Format 96, 384
Special Features No fitting ports
Wall Thickness N/A
Length N/A
Well Bottom Shape Flat Bottom

The VP 542D is constructed of autoclaveable polypropylene to fit into the SBS standard foot print with dimensions of 127 mm long, 85 mm wide and 15 mm tall with a cavity 12.5 mm deep. The reservoir will hold 95 ml of reagent. The VP 542D reservoir also has shorter (12 mm tall) G10 baffles (VP 542F) strategically located to dampen wave action upon movement. These baffles touch the bottom of the reservoir and have a half circle cut in them to allow fluids to drain from one section to another.

The VP 542D differs from the VP 542 in that it has 384 dimples in the bottom to help decrease the reagent dead volume.

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