VP 542MF - Epoxy Composite G10 Baffles for VP 542m Series Reservoirs, 9.5 mm Tall, Autoclavable

G10 Baffles for VP 542M reservoirs, 9.5mm tall, set of 13

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G10 Baffles for VP 542M reservoirs, 9.5mm tall, set of 13
Additional Info
Materials - Attributes Epoxy Composite
Max Capacity N/A
Coating/Encapsulation N/A
Format No
Special Features No
Wall Thickness N/A
Length N/A
Well Bottom Shape No

The VP 542M is constructed of autoclaveable polypropylene to fit into the SBS standard foot print with dimensions of 127 mm long, 85 mm wide and 25 mm tall with a cavity 18 mm deep.  The reservoir will hold 95 ml of reagent.  The VP 542M reservoir also has 9.5 mm tall G 10 baffles (VP 542MF) strategically located to dampen wave action upon movement.  These baffles are recessed into the reservoir and do not touch the bottom of the reservoir.  This design allows pipets or pins to fit into the reservoir and still provide a high wall around the edge of the reservoir.  Also by placing the baffle above the bottom of the reservoir, eliminates the possibility of precious reagents being lost in puddles between the baffle and the reservoir bottom.  The VP 542M also has 384 dimples in the bottom to help decrease the reagent dead volume.

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