VP 549PE-EP3 - PerkinElmer EP3 Spillway Reservoir with Quick Disconnect Fittings for Inlet and Outlet Ports on one side

Spillway Reservoir, PerkinElmer style with quick disconnect fittings on the side (EP3 style)

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Spillway Reservoir, PerkinElmer style with quick disconnect fittings on the side (EP3 style)
Additional Info
Materials - Attributes Anodized Aluminum
Max Capacity N/A
Coating/Encapsulation N/A
Format 96
Special Features Includes fitting ports, Overflow spillway
Wall Thickness N/A
Length N/A
Well Bottom Shape No

The VP 549PE-EP3 Spillway Flowing Reservoir Wash System offers the same advantages of the VP 549PE. First the wash liquid is injected into the reservoir through 96 inlet ports in the bottom of the reservoir and the liquid fills the reservoir to a height of 30 mm before it runs over the main notch (their are 4 other emergency notches) in the spillway and the liquid is collected in a separate peripheral reservoir connected to the drain. This keeps the wash reservoir uniformly flushed with new liquid coming in the bottom and waste liquid flowing out the top. It maintains the height of the liquid at a constant level regardless of the flow rate. The spillway feature is also important in washing 1536 pin tools because the significant displacement of wash liquid by 1536 pins can raise the level of liquid in a fixed reservoir.

The bottom view of the reservoir illustrated in the photo on the right reveals that the difference between the VP 549PE and the VP 549PE-EP3 is the location of the inlet and outlet quick disconnects on the side of the reservoir. This unit was designed for the PerkinElmer EP3 where the deck is closed and inlet and and outlet hoses can be brought in from the side. The bottom of the reservoir also has alignment holes and locating pins which allow the reservoir to be seated securely on the deck.

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