VP 567B - Flow Restrictor, 0.102 mm Diameter Hole, Includes Luer Lock Fittings, Each

Flow Restrictor, 0.102 mm Diameter
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Flow Restrictor, 0.102 mm Diameter

The V&P Reagent Dispenser was developed in response to a customer who wanted an inexpensive and simple way to maintain reagents in a reservoir. By simply connecting a reagent bottle to one of our Spillway Reservoirs (VP 549ETOH or VP 549H2O) with a flow restrictor in the line we can control the flow rate of reagent down the line. We offer a range of flow restrictors (VP 567B, VP 567C, VP 567D and VP 567E) which regulate the flow from 0.05ml/min to 260ml/min. For fine tuning the flow rate, the bottle can be moved higher to increase the head pressure and flow rate or by lowering the reagent bottle you can decrease head pressure and lower the flow rate. You can also use the Keck pinch valve to regulate the flow.

The ideal rate is just enough to produce a small overflow in the Spillway Reservoir. The advantage of the Spillway reservoir is that it can never over fill, never runs dry and you can recover the overflow reagent.

This is a much more economical than using a recirculating pump or a sensor/refill system. Furthermore it is more flexible than the "Humming Bird" type of reagent reservoir in that it can be placed any where on the robot deck.

Another application is to use the V&P dispenser to dispense wash reagents or alcohols to flush and clean the spillway reservoirs during pin tool washing steps.

The ring stand post is screwed into a base that has the foot print of a microplate so it can be placed on the robot deck in a tile. The post screw is 1/4 20 thread and can be screwed directly into many workstation support tables. The reagent bottle holds 1 liter. Four liter reagents bottle systems are also available (VP 566A).

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