VP 772M-N48-27-85HT

VP 772M-N48-27-85HT

Sandwich-Style Multi-Bottle Magnetic Stir Paddle, High-Temp Photopolymer Resin, 27.4mm Wheel Diameter x 85mm Length, Includes 6 x VP 782N-21 magnets, 80°C Max Temperature, Each

Sandwich Protected NdFeB Cores For Vigorous Stirring In Any Shape

V&P Scientific is proud to introduce our new VP 772M series of resin stir paddles. These paddles useuse encased Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnets that have been encapsulated in a barrier of parylene.   Neodymium is the strongest of the permanent magnetic materials but you haven't seen it offered as a magnetic stirrer as the temperature required by many encapsulating materials destroys the magnetic characteristics of Neodymium (NdFeB).  Without a way to protect the Neodymium from the solution to be stirred and without a barrier to prevent leaching of the NdFeB into the solution it was not possible to use Neodymium as a stir device. 


V&P has solved that problem with our new "Sandwich" technique for encasing the neodymium in protective layers of Nylon and barrier layer of Parylene.  This ability allows us to produce very powerful Neodymium (52 Mega Gauss Oersted –{MGO}) stir bars and other shapes that are now capable of greater coupling to the drive magnet and thereby achieving higher stirring speeds for a  more rapid mixing action and the stirring of extremely viscous solutions.  This is a proprietary process and V&P is the only source of Nylon protected neodymium stir elements. 


Other encasing materials can be 3D printed to protect the parylene encapsulated magnets and provide a stirring action.  Also PTFE can be machined and used for this purpose as well and achieve greater temperature stability (VP 791P series stir paddles).


Another advantage of this process is that it is very easy to make custom shapes to fit specific applications.  You don't have to search for a stirrer that will fit your vessel - just tell us the shape and length you need and we will make it for you in less than 2 weeks.


Still yet another advantage of this system is that you can use either NdFeB 42 to 52 MGO or the more temperature resistant SmCo 29 MGO magnetic discs. The higher the MGO rating the more powerful the stirrer and the greater the viscosity of liquid that can be stirred.  The reason for the variety in the type of magnetic disc has to do with the cost and sensitivity of the various magnetic materials and the encasing materials to high temperatures. So in applications where you want to stir and heat the reaction mixture between 150C and 300C, or want to autoclave the stir elements to sterilize them, you should select the SmCo drive magnets.  42 MGO NdFeB’s highest operating temperature is 150C and 29 MGO SmCo’s is 300C while 48 MGO NdFeB and 52 MGO NdFeB highest operating temperature is 80C.   


These paddles can stir in any bottle size or shape. Paired with our VP 710 and VP 708 series stirrers, you can save space on your benchtop. Traditionally, you would need a stir plate for each bottle you want to stir, which would take up your valuable benchtop space. With our Multi-Bottle Stir Paddles, you can minimize wasted space, and allow for many more large bottles to be mixed at the same time.

VP 791P PTFE Stir Paddles


A PTFE sheet of various thickness can be made into any shape to accommodate the internal dimensions of any vessel.  Multiple pockets to accommodate multiple magnetic discs are also possible.  All these stirrers are designed to be small enough (width) to fit through the neck of the bottle and long enough to cover the internal diameter of the bottle for maximum surface contact.  When placed on a VP 708 Vortex Lateral Tumble Stirrer the flat shape of the VP 772F stands up on edge and becomes a "paddle" capable of moving large volumes of liquid with ease.  These stir elements can also be used with our Tumble Stirrer series (VP 710) as well as on conventional horizontal magnetic stirrers (VP 706).  Because these stir paddles are made of heat stable PTFE they can be autoclaved if you use heat stable 42 MGO NdFeB as the magnetic cores. 


V&P Scientific’s flexibility of design and materials results in solutions for many complex applications.

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Product Name VP 772M-N48-27-85HT

Sandwich-Style Multi-Bottle Magnetic Stir Paddle, High-Temp Photopolymer Resin, 27.4mm Wheel Diameter x 85mm Length, Includes 6 x VP 782N-21 magnets, 80°C Max Temperature, Each

Dimensions 27.4mm Wheel Diameter x 85mm Length
Length 85 mm
Diameter 27.4 mm
Bottle Volume 250 mL
Container To Be Used Bottles
Magnet Type Neodymium (NdFeB)
MGO 48
Temperature Resistance Up to 80°C
Shape of Stir Element Paddle
Autoclavable No
Coating/Encapsulation Parylene C Coated, High-Temp Photopolymer Resin Sandwich Style
Stir Element Components Stir Element

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