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Position: Technical Sales & Support Scientist



V&P Scientific’s mission is to help scientists do research! V&P Scientific designs and manufactures innovative liquid handling, mixing and arraying equipment and materials for academic research, biotech, pharmaceutical and diagnostic laboratories world-wide. V&P is the recognized leading manufacturer of Pin Tools, which are used to screen and transfer nanoliter and microliter quantities of liquid either manually or in conjunction with laboratory robots and other state-of-the-art systems. Our unique patented tumble stirrers and other mixers are designed to mix solutions or resuspend particulates in any size or shaped vessel, including microplates. We also offer extensive products for magnetic bead separation, heating and chilling, and filling/aspirating. Over 20% of our products are custom – so creativity and applying scientific know-how are key!


Job Summary:

This position is a dynamic combination of technical sales, customer support, development of new products, and testing/validation of company products when needed. The position also involves follow up with customers, trouble-shooting technical issues, periodic travel to trade shows and conferences, and contribution to the company’s technical information.
Major Job Functions and Responsibilities:

Technical Sales and Customer Support
• Interact with customers and potential customers to provide technical information and determine appropriate products for their needs.
• Maintain extensive knowledge of V&P Scientific's product line, the company’s promotional literature, and the company's capabilities for inventing and integrating new products into customer applications.
• Provide formal Quotes to customers and follow up as needed.
• Trouble-shoot problems with customers and help resolve technical issues with their applications relative to company’s products.

Development of New Products
• Help develop new products, both those for immediate customer needs as well as for new exploratory products to expand product line.
• Work with customers to determine the exact needs and specifications for each application and relay information to engineers and production managers.

Trade shows, Conventions, and Seminars
• Represent V&P Scientific effectively, present V&P Scientific’s product line, and discuss with potential customers how particular products can help in their applications.

Applied Research
• Design and execute experimental projects to test new and current V&P Scientific products.
• Write up findings in reports and blogs for customer information and promotion of products.
• Develop validation assays as needed for quality assurance and gathering of data regarding products.

Job Requirements
• Bachelors degree in biological or biochemical sciences
• At least 3 years laboratory bench experience
• Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
• Thorough understanding of scientific principles
• Ability to work independently
• Must be detail oriented and highly motivated

Desired experience
• Demonstrated laboratory bench experience. Knowledge of the life science, biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields is also a plus.

• Experience with

DNA, Protein, Bead Purification

Next Generation Sequencing

Compound Library Screening

Assay Development

EOE At Will Employer

Job Type: Full-time


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