Disposable Pin Tools


V&P offers a line of sterile, disposable pin tools. Our sterile disposable pin tools are a cost effective solution for replicating genomic libraries and increasing throughput.

With our handheld adapter, you can load and eject the disposable pin tool easily when done. There is no need for washing, cleaning the pins. Each pin delivers ~130 nL.

The convenient V&P Pin Tool Loading Jig (VP 242) provides a stable surface for loading the pin tools.  It also keeps the pin tips from touching the benchtop and thus

maintains the sterility of the tool.  Although designed as a disposable, it is constructed of autoclavable polypropylene and can be reused.  The disposable pin tools can be

used in either the VP 242  or VP 242A without fear of pin contamination.

The LIBRARY COPIER™ Microplate Alignment Jig (VP 244) fits over standard dimension microplates (127.76 mm by 85.48 mm) and registers the replicator pins to the

microplate wells by placing the guide pins of the adaptor into the alignment holes on the LIBRARY COPIER.   The LIBRARY COPIER can also be used to reformat four

96 well microplates into one 384 well microplate or one 384 well microplate into four 96 well microplates.