Manual Pin Tools

Most of our Manual Replicators have the unique V&P Scientific, Inc. MULTI -BLOT™ Replicator System (the presence of two guide pins that are used to index the replicators to registration accessories).  These guide pins fit into alignment holes in the LIBRARY COPIER™ to align the Replicator pins to microplate wells.  The guide pins also fit into alignment holes in the COLONY COPIER™to align the replicator pins to agar surfaces or membranes in Nunc Omni Trays.  The arrangement of alignment holes facilitates the construction of high density (1536 blots) offset arrays or grids. This MULTI -BLOT™ Replicator System allows for robot precision alignment to be done manually.

The ability to easily replicate genomic libraries, create high density colony arrays on agar, cDNA expression arrays or dot blots on membranes simplifies large screening or replicating projects and results in significant savings in assay reagents, and pipette tips. Previously only laboratories with a $100,000 robotics work station could take advantage of the high throughput of high density arrays. Now even small labs can.

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