VP 413 - Nalge Nunc Omni Tray

Nalge Nunc - Omni Tray with Lid - sterile - case of 60
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Nalge Nunc - Omni Tray with Lid - sterile - case of 60
Additional Info
Materials - Attributes Untreated Polystyrene
Max Capacity N/A
Coating/Encapsulation N/A
Format 1
Special Features No fitting ports
Wall Thickness N/A
Length N/A
Well Bottom Shape Flat Bottom

The Omni Tray is basically a one well plate that has the same footprint as the 96 and 384 well microplates. This standard foot print facilitates the registration of our MULTI-BLOT™ Replicators to the Omni Tray providing the ability to make multiple off set spots, blots or inoculations to the same Omni Tray. Thus it possible to make high density arrays of up to 1536 colonies per Omni Tray. The Omni Tray can also hold a membrane for dot blotting bacterial clones when screening DNA libraries. Its standard size makes it ideal for use with automation in high volume laboratories. The Omni Tray is compatible with most robotic systems. The sturdy tray walls permit easy robotic manipulation. The Omni Tray can be adapted for automated colony pickers. The rectangular design makes geometric indexing possible. It is also convenient for manual plating and screening.

The Omni Tray to the right has been inoculated with E. coli carrying a gene for red pigment from 16 different 96 well microplates using a VP 409 MULTI-BLOT™ Replicator and the high density COLONY COPIER™ VP 380D. The agar in the Omni Tray was inoculated and incubated for 18 hours. 1536 distinct colonies can be seen on the plate.

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