VP 706G-4 - KiloStirrus large Horizontal Magnetic Stirrer

VP 706G-4, Horizontal Magnetic Stirrer, KiloStirrus, Large Magnetic Stirrer with Servo Motor and LED RPM Display, 18" square footprint, 8.25 inches tall, 115/230 Volts, 50/60 Hz, CE compliant
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VP 706G-4, Horizontal Magnetic Stirrer, KiloStirrus, Large Magnetic Stirrer with Servo Motor and LED RPM Display, 18" square footprint, 8.25 inches tall, 115/230 Volts, 50/60 Hz, CE compliant
Additional Info
Motor Coupling Type Direct Drive
Motor Spec's Brushless Servo , NEMA 34, Single Stack
Mode of Use For Benchtop Use
MGO - Attribute 48
RPM (Min) No
Power Supply 75VDC
RPM (Max) No
Materials - Attributes ABS, Kydex
Stirrer Categories Stirring Systems
Magnetic Cylinder Length 4"
Length 457.2 mm
Width 457.2 mm
Height 209.55 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 457.2 mm x 457.2 mm x 209.55 mm
Container To Be Used Barrels, Bottles

Advantages of V&P’s Stirrus Conventional Line of mixers:

  • Ability to stir Very Viscous material in small and large vessels.
  • Ability to stir at slow and fast speeds.
  • Creates impressive vortex stirring cones.
  • Complete line of Stirrus mixers to fit any specific application.


Secret Behind V&P Scientific's Stirrus Technology:

  • Both the Stirrus drive magnets and the V&P Scientific Stir Elements contain powerful Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) Rare Earth magnets.
  • The extremely strong magnetic coupling/attraction between the Stirrus drive magnet and the Stir Element enables stirring at high speed and of even viscous material.

The VP 706 Mega Stirrus series was designed to meet those demanding mixing applications where a large volume of viscous material needs to be mixed.   Previous lab stirrers just didn't have large enough or strong enough drive magnets get the job done.  Our Mega Stirrus series has uniquely focused and massive NdFeB rare earth drive magnets that create a powerful coupling to stir bars (Elements) in the vessel.  The other secret to our success is that we also are the sole provider of NdFeB rare earth magnets as Stir Elements (bars), thus providing the best magnetic coupling possible and the best ability to stir even the most viscous solutions.  Even liquids as viscous as 90% honey are easily stirred producing impressive vortex cones as illustrated on the original VP 706 below. The second photo below is a vortex cone in water produced by a tiny 25 mm long NdFeB stir bar and a VP 706F3.

Stirring Honey
Stirring 90% Honey Stirring water


These NdFeB stir elements were invented and developed by us for stirring viscous material.  We are the only source for encapsulated NdFeB Stir Elements.  

Sandwich Protected NdFeB Cores For Vigorous Stirring In Any Shape


V&P Scientific is proud to introduce our new VP 772F and VP 772T series of PTFE encased Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) Magnetic Stirring Elements.   Neodymium is the strongest of the permanent magnetic materials but you haven't seen it offered as a magnetic stirrer as the temperature required by the PTFE encapsulating process destroys the magnetic characteristics of NdFeB.  Without a way to protect the NdFeB from the solution to be stirred and without a barrier to prevent leaching of the NdFeB into the solution it was not possible to use NdFeB as a stir device. 


V&P has solved that problem with our new "Sandwich" technique for encasing the NdFeB magnet in a thin protective layer (barrier) of Parylene and then placing two parylene encased magnets inside a mechanically protective PTFE structure and using the magnetic field to hold them in place.  This ability allows us to produce very powerful Neodymium (48 MGO) stir bars and other shapes that are now capable of greater coupling to the drive magnet and thereby achieving higher stirring speeds for a  more rapid mixing action and the stirring of extremely viscous solutions.  This is a proprietary process and V&P is the only source of PTFE protected neodymium stir elements. 

Tube style sandwich stirrer Sandwich flat style
Sandwich Stir Element Tube Style  Sandwich Stir Elements Flat Style


Another advantage of this process is that it is very easy to make custom shapes to fit specific applications.  You don't have to search for a Stir Element that will fit your vessel - just tell us the shape and length you need and we will make it for you in less than 2 weeks.


Still yet another advantage of this system is that you can use either NdFeB or the more temperature resistant Sumarium Cobalt (SmCo) rare earth magnets.  So in applications where you want to stir and heat the reaction mixture between 150C and 300C, you should select the SmCo Stir Elements.  NdFeB highest operating temperature is 150C and SmCo’s is 300C. 

Other recent innovations from V&P are the use of Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) (a very high advanced biomaterial that withstands wear and friction conditions) and Polyvinylidene floride (PVDF) (a highly non-reactive fluoropolymer)  to encapsulate both NdFeB and SmCo rare earth Magnetic stir elements to meet the need for additional special applications.  See the photos below for the sizes offered.

PVDF encapsulated NdFeB magnetic cylinders PEEK Encapsulated NdFeB Magnetic Cylinders
PVDF Encapsulated NdFeB Magnetic Cylinders PEEK Encapsulated NdFeB Magnetic Cylinders

V&P Scientific's Unique and Powerful Conventional Stirrus systems

Stir Large and Small Vessels -Stir and Mix in any Vessel
- Any shape
- Any Viscosity even bread dough and slurries
- Keep particlulates in suspension
- Speed Chemical reactions
Macerate Plant and Animal Tissue - Release DNA, C-DNA,RNA, MRNA, or Proteins for a variety of assays

- Breakup animal tissues to the cellular level for large scale tissue culture

operations (vaccine production)

Grinding Operations

- Make Nano Particles to facilitate chemical reactivity via high speed stirring 

with glass beads

See this page for reference articles on applications -



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