VP 561T - Vacuum Trap for Aspirating Applications

Vacuum trap 3000cc Size, Each
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Vacuum trap 3000cc Size, Each
Additional Info
Tube Gauge No
Tube Length No
Bottle Top Dispenser Range No
Autoclavable No
Center-To-Center Spacing No
Materials - Attributes No
Format No
Plate Type No
# of Channels No
Manifold Style No

This is a 46.5 mm tall version of the VP 546A fountain. It is designed to be able to wash the tips of the Caliper (Zymark) 384 fixed pin pipettor. With its greater depth, the pins can be inserted deeper (25 mm) into the fountain for better cleaning. The individual channels are 25 mm deep and it is a total of 33 mm to the bottom of the fountain reservoir. Note that the top surface is pitched laterally so the effluent wash fluid drains to both sides for a more efficient flow. Each fountain channel is also cut on a bevel to facilitate the effluent flow.

The VP 546A1T is 127 mm long and fits onto most robot plate holders by just adjusting the width to 110.5 mm. We also fitted this version fountain with larger ID nipple fittings to accommodate large volume flows. Over all height including the base is 46.5 mm.

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