VP 776-16-102R - Magnetic Stir Bar Remover

VP 776-16-102R

Magnetic Stir Bar Remover

Conventional PTFE Encapsulated Stir Elements (Stainless Steel, Alnico 7 MGO and Samarium Cobalt 29 MGO)

These stir bars can be used for both Tumble Stirring and Vortex Tumble Stirring applications as well as conventional horizontal spinning.    Whether you call them Magnetic Spinning Bars, Stirring Magnets or Magnetic Stir Bars we have one of the largest collections at the best prices. 


We also offer Alnico V and Samarium Cobalt magnets conventionally encapsulated in PTFE.  These stir bars and discs are shown in the photo to the right. In addition to the permanent magnet stirrers we also offer magnetic stainless steel Stir elements (discs, dowels and bars) and Stir StiXs.  The stainless steel stir elements are more cost effective and many of our customers treat them as disposables.  They are available uncoated, coated with cost effective parylene and encapsulated with PTFE.


V&P Scientific’s PTFE encapsulated Stir Elements are:


  • Isostatic encapsulated with PTFE to eliminate cracks and porosity
  • Use FDA approved PTFE
  • Contain Stainless Steel, Alnico V or Samarium Cobalt magnet cores
  • Have a polished finish to reduce pick-up and cross contamination
  • Can be sterilized using thermal or chemical means
  • Are high performance stirring bars at "disposable" prices
  • Our PTFE has a Broad range of chemical resistance see this URL http://www.vp-scientific.com/Chemical_Resistance_Chart.htm
  • Our stir bars range in diameter from 1.5 mm to 36 mm and from 2 mm to 165 mm in length.  The shapes also are diverse, from cylinders, rectangular, triangular, crosses, wing shaped, octahedral and discs. 


More Information
Product Name VP 776-16-102R - Magnetic Stir Bar Remover
Description Magnetic Stir Bar Remover
Dimensions 16mm Diameter x 102mm Length
Length 102 mm
Diameter 16 mm
Container To Be Used Bottles, Barrels
Magnet Type Alnico (AlNiCo)
MGO 5.5
Temperature Resistance Up to 250°C
Pivot Feature Yes
Shape of Stir Element Bar
Autoclavable Yes
Coating/Encapsulation PTFE Encapsulated
Stir Element Components Stir Element

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