FP6 - 1.58 mm Diameter E-Clip Style Floating Pin with Blunt tip, 22.5 mm exposed

E-Clip Style Floating, Flat Tip Solid Pin - 1.58mm diameter, 33.3mm long, 22.5mm exposed pin length

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E-Clip Style Floating, Flat Tip Solid Pin - 1.58mm diameter, 33.3mm long, 22.5mm exposed pin length
Additional Info
Slot Size (does not represent actual transfer volume) No Slot
Dimensions N/A
Materials - Attributes Stainless Steel
Exposed Pin Length 22.5 mm
Transfer Volume (actual) 323-674 nL in 96 well plates / 154-398 nL in 384 well plates
Pin Tool Components Pins
Pin Type E-Clip Style Pins
Pin Series FP6 Series
Pin Diameter 1.58 mm
Pin Tip Flat (no slot or groove)
Transfer Volume Range ~154 - 5245 nL (FP6)
Pin Application No
Coating/Encapsulation Passivated Stainless Steel
Wound Width No

E-Clip pins are fixtured with an E-Clip in a groove in one end of the pin. These pins are either 1.58 mm, 2.36 mm, 3.18 mm or 4.77 mm in diameter. The larger diameter pins carry more liquid and are preferred by scientists inoculating yeast on to agar plates. We offer pins of longer lengths for scientists using deep well blocks. The FPFS2 pins have the E-Clip groove part way down the shaft to allow it to be used as a spring loaded floating pin useful in sampling frozen specimens. We offer six styles of E-clip Pins: the FP pin which has a chamfered tip leading to a point, the FP6 which has the point cut off and delivers a larger drop of inoculum. The FP pin delivers a smaller amount of liquid due to the point on the end of the pin. It is well suited for making high density arrays on membranes and agar surfaces. The flat tip FP6 pins are used to transfer larger volumes of liquid and the FP11A, FP12, FP12A and FP13 pins which transfer the largest volumes are used by customers transferring yeast to agar plates. All the E-Clip pins (FP, FP6, FPAM, FPFS2, FP11A , FP12, FP12A and FP13 pin can be used with the Robot style double floating frames, or with double float frames that have been converted to manual Multi-Blot replicators with our conversion kits (BGPK or BGPKL).

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