Many chemical processes are facilitated by heating or cooling and stirring simultaneously. V&P has developed a line of heating and cooling blocks as well as inserts that are specially designed to heat or cool while being stirred on our Tumble Stirrers. They have a very low profile, an eddy current defeating design and, with no ferrite materials. This design minimizes the distance from the samples to the magnetic drive thus maximizing the stirring power. Commercially available heating blocks and inserts are not compatible with magnetic stirring because they position the samples too far above the stir deck or are not compatible with robotic workstations and they produce strong eddy currents when placed on the Tumble Stirrers.


Another advantage of our design is that we have separated the control panel from the actual heating block. Thus the heating block is very small and fits easily into areas where space is at a premium, like the deck of a robotic workstation.


V&P Heating Blocks can be made with features that allow computer control of the temperature variables.