Magnetic Racks for Tubes

Overview of Magnetic Separation Racks for Tubes:

V&P has a large variety of different magnetic bead separation devices for tubes of every size. It is important to match the right magnet device with your tube and where you want the pellet located. If you need assistance or have any questions about our magnet devices, please feel free to contact us. There are many different tube manufacturers and each of them incorporates unique structural features into their tubes. Features such as the diameter and height of the tube and the shape and angle of the tube bottom all make a big difference in selecting the appropriate device.




We also consider the magnetic beads or particles you are using. Depending on the size of the beads, and the concentration, we may suggest a specific product for your application. Naturally, larger magnetic bead particles will separate faster than smaller particles. The larger particles have greater mass which aids in the magnetic bead separation. 


Bead Separation Location:

Depending on your protocol, you may want the beads to be collected on the side of the tube, at different height levels, at multiple levels or maybe directly in the bottom, center, or side of the tube. We have several magnetic bead separation devices that will place the beads in different locations. We look at the height and shape of each tube plus the volume of initial liquid and volume of the elution liquid in your assay protocol and how you will be removing the supernatant.



Types of Supernatant removal and dispensing wash solutions:

Aspirate and Dispense:

Most commonly, magnetic beads are pelleted and then the supernatant removed by our aspiration manifolds or a pipette then washed using our dispensing manifolds or by dispensing pipette. It is important to keep the beads away from the aspiration device. Therefore bead collection location is extremely important.


FlicknBlot and Dispense:

V&P also has a line of hand-held magnetic bead separation devices for tubes. These devices allow for the tubes to be fixed to the magnet rack. You can then pick up the entire device and "Flick" out the supernatant.  The tube can then be blotted on our lint free blotting paper. This is a fast, economical way of removing supernatant from your tubes while still retaining your magnetic beads. These tubes can be washed with our dispensing manifolds.


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