VP 472 - Index system to register VP 478 Replicator to a 96 well microplate

96 Well Microplate Indexing System for VP 478 glass slide replicator
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96 Well Microplate Indexing System for VP 478 glass slide replicator

The VP 472 Microplate Indexing System aligns the 8 Pin Replicator (VP 478) to appropriate wells in a 96 well microplate see photo #1.  The system uses 4 sets of 2 vertical alignment pins and 3 notches to align the system in the horizontal direction see photo #2. This provides a very simple method of placing the replicator pins into the center of the wells. This registration system also is adjustable so you can remove your specimen from the very bottom of your microplate or PCR plate well, i.e. you can harvest from very small volumes even the dregs of the well.

The VP 472 Microplate Indexer will accommodate all Standard height 96 well microplates that conform to the Society of Biomolecular Screening Standards. Many of the 96 well polypropylene PCR plates are smaller (length and width) than the SBS Standard and need to be shimmed for the correct registration. We have a simple solution for this.

Several polypropylene PCR plates are so tall the standard FP1S6 pins won't touch the bottom of the wells. For customers who need to make arrays from the bottom of these tall plates, we offer a longer pin. The FP1S6T has a 28 mm exposed pin length and will reach the bottom of any PCR well.

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