Robotic Pin Tools

Our pin tools consist of several components which are customized to your application and needs. Because of this, it can be daunting to choose all the right parts for your pin tool. Below are steps to each component to choose your configuration. If you need any assistance, please fill out this questionnaire and we will be happy to recommend and quote the appropriate pin tool set up. The way we fabricate and machine our pins is unique and is the result of many years of experience in producing pins that achieve both high accuracy and reproducibility in delivering consistent volumes and reliable results over and over. That is why V&P pins are considered the "Gold Standard"

Choose your pins

Step 1: Choose your Pin

Pins are determined by transfer volume and application.

We have several lengths to accommodate all sizes of microplates and liquid handlers.

Pin Tool Fixtures

Step 2: Choose your Fixture

The fixture holds all the pins in a specific array. This will determine your format.

We make pin tool fixtures in 24, 48, 96, 384 and 1538 formats.

The fixture you use will depend on the desired format, and which liquid handler you are using. 

Pin Tool Mounting Hardware

Step 3: Choose your Mounting Hardware

Each pin tool needs a mounting plate to attach to your specific liquid handler, or to be used manually. 

Docking Stations

Step 4: Choose your docking station

The docking station allows the pin tool to be docked for "on-the-fly" applications or stored while not in use.

This will protect the pins from damage. 

Additionally, the docking station is required for any pin tool purchase.

It serves as a protection to the pins during shipping.

Cleaning Accessories

Step 5: Choose your cleaning/washing accessories

Maintaining your pin tool is essential.

Proper maintenance will extend the life of the pins and keep your cv's low.