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Drop In Well

V&P Scientific has developed a simple and efficient method of placing sterile stir bars, dowels and discs (stir elements) into microplates with liquid already in them. Simply pour bulk stir elements into the appropriate dispenser, shake/swirl until each of the holes is filled, pour off excess stir elements, place over microplate and dispense (drop) stir elements into the wells. The Drop dispensers on this page are made from plastic material and cannot be sterilized by autoclaving. They can be disinfected with bleach or alcohol. A key factor in loading the stir elements into the dispensers is that they must not be magnetic. If they are magnetic they will stick together and not fill the depressions. A simple pass over the VP 781 demagnetizer removes all residual magnetic fields. The latest version of the drop dispensers incorporate an anti-jam feature that prevents the stir elements from jamming the dispenser mechanism. Although they are slightly more expensive this mechanism will decrease loading time. All of the dispensers with a "-1" after the part number designate this new anti-jam version feature. If you want to load magnetized Stir StiXs or magnetic stir bars you will need to use our Stir StiX dispensers.