What makes V&P Scientific stirrers unique is that they encompass four different methods of stirring which covers nearly every application.

•             Our Patented Vertical Tumble Stirrers can uniformly mix syringes, racks of test tubes, vials or the wells of any Microplate even a 1536 well microplate

•             Microplates can be stacked several layers high on Vertical Tumble Stirrers for large assays

•             Vertical Tumble Stirrers are used to keep Cells, Beads and other Particulates in uniform suspension

•             Vertical Tumble Stirrers can mix solutions as viscous as honey

•             Vertical Tumble Stirrers can stir vessels while being heated

•             Our Patented Lateral Vortex Tumble Stirrer can mix a large number of bottles, racks of test tubes, vials and microplates.

•             Our Conventional Stirrers stir Carboys and even 600 gallon barrels filled with viscous materials

•             Our Patented Levitation Stirrers Mix very viscous materials in Deep Well Microplates

Stirring Microplates Stirring Reservoirs Stirring Tubes

Stirring Bottles Stirring Carboys and Barrels