Stirring Bottles

V&P Scientific, Inc. has invented and built the world’s first VORTEX MAGNETIC LATERAL TUMBLE STIRRER (USA Patent #7,484,880, European Union Patent #1,736,235 and German Patent #60 2006 026 122.5). Instead of tumbling a stir element in the vertical plane like our Alligator Tumble Stirrer, the Vortex Tumble Stirrer spins large paddle, or disc like stir elements inside the bottle. This spinning motion produces a vortex cone in the liquid and efficiently mixes the contents of the liquid. This vortex cone is similar to the vortex cones produced by conventional horizontal magnetic stirrers however unlike the conventional horizontal stirrers which require a unique drive magnetic field under each vessel, the Vortex Stirrer because of its lateral wall tumbling action only requires one drive magnetic field to stir multiple bottle at the same time. The Vortex Tumble Stirrers work with round or square bottles. V&P also makes small conventional horizontal stirrers that have very strong NdFeB drive magnets which are capable of stirring very viscous materials in bottles.