VP 708A - Lateral Vortex Stirrer, Stirs 27 microplates at once

Vortex Lateral Tumble Stirrer, stirs 27 standard microplates, 115V AC 60Hz, digital RPM readout, includes 9 platters.
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Vortex Lateral Tumble Stirrer, stirs 27 standard microplates, 115V AC 60Hz, digital RPM readout, includes 9 platters.
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Vortex Lateral Tumble Stirrers


We found by simply standing a Vertical Tumble Stirrer on end using a VP 710C5-3 or VP 710C5-3A we created the world’s first LATERAL VORTEX MICROPLATE TUMBLE STIRRER (USA Patent #7,484,880, European Union Patent #1,736,235 and German Patent #60 2006 026 122.5). Instead of tumbling a stir element in the vertical plane like our Alligator Tumble Stirrer, the  Lateral Vortex Tumble Stirrer spins the stir elements by tumbling them laterally against a side wall of the vessel. This spinning motion produces a vortex cone in the liquid and efficiently mixes the contents of the liquid. This vortex cone is similar to the vortex cones produced by conventional horizontal magnetic stirrers however unlike the conventional horizontal stirrers which require a unique drive magnetic field under each vessel, the Vortex Stirrer because of its lateral wall tumbling action only requires one drive magnetic field to stir thousands of vessels. The Vortex Tumble Stirrers work best with round micro wells, or round tubes, vials and bottles. Basically our customers can convert our VP 710 series Tumble Stirrers into Lateral Vortex Stirrers by standing them on end into our accessory stands (VP 710C5-3 or VP 710C5-3A) which holds the stirrer vertical.

The Lateral Vortex Tumble Stirrer causes stir elements of all sizes and shapes to tumble laterally and create a vortex cone inside each well. The Lateral Vortex Tumble Stirrer will stir all types of microplates (24, 48, 96, 384 and even 1536 wells). It will also stir V and U bottom microplates, PCR plates, micro-centrifuge tubes, test tubes, vials and bottles.   The only Stir elements that are not compatible with the Lateral Vortex Tumble Stirrer are the Stainless Steel Discs as the magnetic field in these stir elements is oriented through the diameter of the disc.  These discs will simply spin in the wells causing little stirring action.

Advantages of the System

•             Can stir multiple, vials, tubes, large vessels and microplates simultaneously

•             Complete stirring of large numbers of samples

•             Uniformity of stirring of wells throughout the microplate

•             Can run multiple experiments in parallel

•             Get more reactions per gram of starting material

•             Will stir even viscous solutions (honey & glycerol)

•             No cross contamination – wells do not have to be sealed

•             Simple to operate

•             Customizable to robotic systems

•             Can stir continuously for years without maintenance

•             Computer control option is available

V&P Scientific’s Unique and Patented Lateral Vortex Tumble Stirring Applications




Multiple Tube/Bottle Stirring

  • Stir and mix
  • any solution,
  • any shape
  • any size of test tube, bottle, carboy or barrel
  • no matter the viscosity


Microplate Stirring

  • Process Parallel synthetic reactions
  • Facilitate Micro-fermentation reactions
  • Parallel Artificial Membrane system to evaluate absorption
  • Mix and aerate cultures to increase yield
  • Solubilize compounds dried in microplates
  • Mix bread dough
  • Quantitative measure of cytotoxicity of anticancer drugs and other agents
  • High throughput solubility determination with application to selection of compounds for fragment screening
  • parallel fed-batch cultivations in microbioreactors 
  • High-throughput co-crystal slurry screening
  • Photosynthetic efficiency and oxygen evolution of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
  • Demonstrate that Cannabinoids inhibit the respiration of human sperm 

Heating/Cooling with Stirring

  • Solubility studies
  • Adaptive Laboratory Evolution
  • Growth Rate, Metabolite Production, and Final Biomass in a Tumble Stirred Culture Vessel
  • Measurement of oxygen consumption by murine tissues in vitro 
  • Stirring and heating chemical reactions to speed completion
  • Heat and Stir to facilitate compound synthesis


Other Applications

  • Rapid and efficient stirring of any format microplates, test tubes, vials and syringes
  • Thorough mixing of 2 or more liquid solutions
  • Thorough mixing of slurries, viscous solutions and emulsions
  • Thorough mixing of immiscible liquids 
  • Keep particulates in suspension 
  • Resuspend chemical libraries after storage
  • Aeration of microbial cultures to increase DNA or protein yield
  • Miniaturization of fermentations & chemical reactions
  • Enables parallel synthetic development of processes
  • Resuspend settled microorganisms
  • Keep microorganisms suspended during gridding operations
  • Break up filamentous organisms
  • Dissolve solid compounds
  • Resoluabilize dried extracts from large screening libraries
  • Mix and immobilize reactions that use magnetic beads
  • Computer control for use on automated liquid handling platforms 


See this page for reference articles on applications  - http://www.vp-scientific.com/references.php







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