Stirring Microplates

V& P Scientific, Inc. has developed and patented 3 different magnetic methods of mixing in microplates, the Tumble Stirrer, The Levitation Stirrer and the Vortex Stirrer. The Alligator Magnetic Tumble Stirrer uses patented stir-cylinder technology to mix large numbers of samples in tubes, vials, bottles, and microplates (Patent #6,176,609).  Instead of spinning a magnetic stir bar about the horizontal plane like the standard magnetic flask stirrer, the Alligator Tumble Stirrer causes stir elements of all sizes and shapes to tumble vertically end-over-end inside each well.  The Alligator Tumble Stirrer will stir all types of microplates of any volume or format  It will also stir V and U bottom microplates, PCR plates, micro-centrifuge tubes and test tubes, bottles, syringes and special designed troughs and reservoirs.


Using the most powerful permanent magnets manufactured, we make many different models of Tumble Stirrers to fit the many varied applications and requirements of our customers. Requirements for heating and continuous stirring for a long period of time require special Tumble Stirrers that are resistant to heat and with motors capable of working under high loads for extended periods of time. Please check with our knowledgeable staff to help you make the appropriate selection for your application. Our specialty is flexibility- let us know if you have a custom application today!

The V&P Levitation Stirrers (US patent #6,357,907; EU patent #1064988) mix deep well microplates by raising and lowering steel balls in the wells.  It is very effective in mixing very viscous materials and was an “enabling technology” in the race to sequence the human genome.

The V&P Lateral Vortex Stirrers  (USA Patent #7,484,880, European Union Patent #1,736,235 and German Patent #60 2006 026 122.5) mix microplates, tubes, vials, bottles and reservoirs by using a Lateral side generated vortex action.  

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