Stirring Reservoirs

Keeping resins, magnetic beads, assay beads, SPA beads, glass beads, other particulates and cells in suspension while they are being pipetted to microplate wells is very important if reproducible results are to be obtained. It is also important to do this with the smallest dead volume possible when the reagents are very expensive. Although one might think you cannot use magnets to stir and suspend magnetic beads, V&P has found a way to homogeneously suspend magnetic beads with our magnetic tumble stirrers.


The unique V&P Scientific Bubble Paddle Reservoir suspension systems (US Patent #6,461,034 & European Union Patent #1,314,471) provide a very simple and inexpensive way of accomplishing this goal. Whether you are using a 4 tip, an 8 tip, or a 96 or 384 pipetting head, there is a suspension reservoir with a bubble spacing that allows a pipette tip to be inserted in the gap between bubbles. The blue dye in the Bubble Paddle photos show the contours we have machined into the bottom of the reservoir. These unique contours coupled with the Bubble Paddle design results in very vigorous stirring and suspension of the particulate contents in the reservoir. The unique feature of the Bubble Paddle Reservoirs is their exclusive design that eliminates "fall out zones" where particulates fall out of solution that are so prevalent with other mixing reservoirs.


Even solutions as viscous as honey (15,000 centistokes) are easily stirred. Most of the Bubble Paddle Reservoirs are driven by one of our many Magnetic Alligator Tumble Stirrers. Some of these stirrers can power several Bubble Paddle Reservoirs at the same time.

Driven by tumble stirrer